Measurable Results Charity

Measurable Results is a new charity focused on quantifiable results: Lives saved; children educated; areas reforested or protected. Our goal is to make a difference and document that impact.


Percussion Drilling and Training Project, Kenya.

Mtito Andei, Kenya

Measurable results is pleased to have launched a major initiative in 2016 to aquire its own percussion drilling equipment and train a team of full time drillers.

The goal was simple: to train and equip a team of full time drillers with their own equipment and no external costs. We are pleased to provide local employment and eventually hope for the team to participate in for-profit drilling (for example, boreholes for farmers) and direct all profit back to the local community in the form of additional non-profit wells.

This is a completely new intiative and we are pleased to have partnered with TAK Africa for training and Water4 to obtain hardware and expertise.

Our first production percussion well was completed in March (see the Syusyani Community Well Project for more details). This new initiative is just getting started and is fully funded through 2017!

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