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Measurable Results is a new charity focused on quantifiable results: Lives saved; children educated; areas reforested or protected. Our goal is to make a difference and document that impact.


Kambu River Community Well Project, Kenya.

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Six Village Communities collect their water from a seasonal river that runs dry much of the year. Historically, this area was noted as a Kenya Medical Research Institute problem region for water born disease and demand for clean water spurred efforts for shallow wells.

Servicing 700 people, well access in this community is limited and the established wells are often salty and only used for livestock. Livestock creates an additional problem of waste exposed at the surface level and in the river system when not run dry. The handpump is to be maintained in partnership with the community, the Turner Foundation and Kithito Development Group. It provides output of 1,800 litres of water per day (~90 jerry cans).

The water is provided free to the community as with all Measurable Results Micro Water Projects. We will learn from this model and see how we can expand our reach into regions further from any form of water service, reaching outlying communities which are not feasible to support through traditional water distribution.

A dedication ceremony was held in August 2013 by the community to celebrate the commissioning of the well. In addition to the plaque installation, a tree was planted and water pumped by the community. We are grateful to have helped facilitate this installation and look forward to many more successful projects in Kenya.

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