What makes MR different?


100% of every dollar donated is directed to the causes in question. While there are administration costs to run any charity, these costs are covered with internal fundraising so that every penny of external funding goes to those in need.


Measurable results is 100% focused on helping solve problems in the world in a direct way and has no other goals or agenda in providing this help to those in need. There are no strings attached when MR offers its assistance.


We are clear about the measurable result. You will know specifically what your dollars have done and will able to see data and pictures illustrating the direct measurable result of the project. Our goal is first and foremost Measurable Results!

How can you get involved?

Currently Measurable Results is focused on the philanthropic mission of Corporate Web Solutions Ltd. Once the initial projects have been completed and lessons learned from this work, Measurable Results will expand its mission and fundraising efforts.

The primary near-term focus is on well development in developing nations since it provides measurable results for both saving lives from waterborne illness and enhancing lives through freeing up time that would otherwise be spend collecting water (for example, to enable children to obtain an education). Combining hygiene education programs with a new, local clean water source can significantly reduce mortality.

Longer term, focus is planned on environmental causes in addition to humanitarian ones, although there is much crossover between the two.

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